Breath | 2011

Performance( Visual & Sound ), Group works |2011


Actor: Chui Bi

Lute music design and player: Kai Tung Chen

Digital sound design: Yen Tzu Chang

Visual: Yen Tzu Chang

Breathe was a show which originated by Chui Bi (Drama Department), Kai Tung Chen (Traditional Music Department) and me (New Media Art Department) in our second semester in university.

We have two rules for our performance:

  1. No one is leader.
  2. We are volunteers. We want to do it, not for any homework or any job from university. We want to run our project.

Including these two rules, we met each other twice a week to discuss every details. Everyone can use their own skill to explain our theme - the processing of death. It was good experience to do a project with people who come from another department, different training and different background.