Moth____ers 育娥室 | 2021

Sound Data Visualization, Interaction Visual

Sound Data Visualization, Interaction Visual | 2021

Compared with butterflies, moths are generally less pleasing in human value. In the works, the moth is represented as an irregular thing that does not conform to the universal value system. Moth in Chinese is written by “蛾”. When it is changed from radical, which is from “蛾” to “娥”, the means turn to beautiful women or beautiful meaning. Some people will use “娥” as a female name. In English, “moth” is added to “er” and becomes the mother’s meaning.

The〈Moth___er〉discusses the conflict between the female body and social framework, including the propositions of childbearing, self-conscious growth, the limits of life, and the division of time and space, through the establishment of a virtual space-time moth room and daily soundscape. The moth is used as a female symbol. The texture of the moth is developed and transformed from the daily sound recording data, and the tiny chronicle is bred into a moth so that it lives in the digital world. Through the digital space, it can find a temporary habitat.

*The work is under development.